Cantrap's trapline adventures offers the outdoorsman or woman an insight into the fur trade that pioneered our country and made it what it is today. A trapline adventure can be customized to suit the desires of the enthusiast interested. Trapping season starts September 15 when fox, coyote, wolf and bear (trapping) opens. During this early season we would mostly be catching foxes using dirt hole sets, as well as bait sites and snares. These sets would be checked daily. During this early season, we would be hunting grouse, rabbit and duck, all the while scouting for the up coming beaver, otter, muskrat and mink season (which opens October 5th) as well as taking note of all moose signs observed. When prime and practical, all trapping days will end with an evening wing shoot for either woodcock or duck for the icing on the cake.

Trappers have a short period of time before freeze up to take advantage of the open water. Beavers will be caught using body gripping conibear traps set in lodge entrances, runways and house sets. Otters and muskrat are targetted using blind sets on beaver dams, in narrow streams and feeder creeks. Mink are targeted using a fishy bait, conibear and mink box along any water sources. The rest of the fur bearers, namely lynx, marten and fisher, open on our line on the 25th of October. Marten and fisher are sought after using 120 conibears and baited marten boxes, while lynx are harvested using baits, lures and snares. Once October 25th has passed, you just never know what we will bring home the next trap checking tour! 

During your adventure on Cantrap's line, you will be blown away by the intelligence of some of these wild creatures which in turn will increase your respect for the animals, as well as the men and women who harvest them. Depending on how serious we want to be, the trapping can be done from home or remote cabin. Fall trapping is done by truck, 6X6 ATV, foot, boat and canoe. Winter trapping is all done via snowmobile. Once the animals are harvested, you will then discover the arts of fur handling. Animals will be skinned, fleshed, boarded and dried for the upcoming fur auction where they will be sold worldwide. 



5 day trapline tour - Monday-Friday with arrivals on Sunday and Saturday departures.

included :  accommodations, meals, transportation 


optional wolf hunt add on



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