Looking for a black bear hunt?  This is the place!

  Located in the middle of the Northern Ontario Wilderness region on the doorstep of the untamed James Bay region, Cantrap’s Outdoor Adventures offers a unique opportunity for the black bear hunter.  With over six hundred kilometers of prime black bear concession around the town of Cochrane a visiting bear hunter is literally stepping from the truck into bear tracks! Here are just a few ways we offer a unique experience.

Newly Opened Region

  Providing a mix of agricultural land along with forested terrain, Cantrap’s offers a virtually unbeatable opportunity. Cantrap’s has worked hard to find a country that has been un-hunted for years.  The bears have sure multiplied and during the first season of operation several Cantrap’s hunters not only had multiple bear sightings each sit, but had hunts where it literally took longer to walk to the stand than to score on a glossy pelted trophy!

Mixed Terrain

  Cantrap’s offers a mix of hunting opportunity on their concession with a blend of agricultural and forested land.  While not a traditional “deep woods” camp the farmland is a big draw for black bears who can grow to some impressive sizes with the extra groceries.  Contacts with farmers who report in rampaging “nuisance” bears in their oat fields can actually provide a “spot and stalk” experience that is rare in this region.


Hunting:  It’s What We Do

 At Cantrap’s hunting comes first!  A small family run operation, the husband and wife duo of Mike and Kelly spend many hours together trapping throughout the concession.  This provides them an intimate knowledge that of the terrain where they know every berry patch and moose wallow.  Their dedication provided 100% opportunity on black bear for the first three weeks of the season.  You won’t be left in your stand in the dark here!

2016 - Prices  

$1600/person - (no meals)

$1800/person - American plan (meals included)

Prices include:

  • Active baits, stands or blinds
  • retrieval of bear
  • skinning, deboning and freezing of bear meat
  • lodging

Not included:

  • bear licence
  • export permit

To book a hunt please call 1-705-272-8814 or cantrap@hotmail.com

A deposit of 25% is required within 14 days of booking along with completed service contract, waiver and information sheet.


Deposit - bear hunt

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